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Prepress Solutions

Digital Artwork & Reprographics

Digital Artwork

We provide technically correct digital files for direct integration into the repro environment of your third party suppliers, there is no need for rework, providing you with time and cost savings. We strive to implement your design without unnecessary compromises whilst conforming to technical print restraints to avoid disappointment at the print stage.
We accept .ai .psd. tif .eps. .ap and all industry standard filetypes

Graphic Reproduction

We are multi-disciplined across all print processes with effective colour management to maintain your Brand Equity. Consistency is derived from implementing workflow technology that ensures a 'print ready' file to the correct specification every time.

Integrated Digital Artwork and 'Repro'

Avoid the unnecessary delays and additional cost of managing digital artwork files and prepress ('repro') files separately. Avoid the inconsistencies of different prepress results because of different approaches by different suppliers. We have provided an integrated approach to artwork and repro since 1993 to bring you the advantages of the automation of well configured workflow technology.

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Contract Proofs

Contract proofs using Agfa, Indigo, Cromalin and wet proofing on Heidelberg flatbeds
Reliable standards set within the technical restraints of the printers' specifications means achieving colour targets on press consistently- time after time.

We believe you should not 'keep your fingers crossed' and hope by attending a press pass that you can 'put it right'. Prepress is about press prediction! Anticipation of the result by careful measurement of a press profile ensures that the outcome can be communicated to you at the prepress stage by using contract proofs ensuring the correct result can be achieved on press.

A contract proof is a proof to a standard that can be predicted and repeated time after time. We offer various alternatives that can give you and your suppliers this confidence; choose from analogue or digital i-cert Dupont Cromalin; Kodak Approval, wet proofs, or electronic soft proofs - as part of a fully managed process. Why not let us print police for you as well!

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Market Samples & Ligraproofs(TM)

Lockit boxes
Ligraproof(TM) - is the ultimate market sample. This unique product is a very realistic packaging sample that closely simulates the final printed production pack and print process, matching the colours, material and finish of the production packaging and can be supplied as a constructed marketing sample.

Since 1989 Ligraproof(TM) pioneered and set unrivalled standards and has been used by leading brand owners all over the world for marketing research, presentations, television and cinema advertising and magazine advertisements.

A wide range of samples includes proofing onto paper, board and tin using conventional and ultra violet cured inks. We also offer proofing onto plastics to create Ligraproofs(TM); using flexible substrates as diverse as metalised, white and clear OPP, pearlised SND, aluminium foil, polyethylene and shrink-wrap films.

Other techniques, such as digital printing, can be used to provide market samples where speed and cost are important factors.

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Virtual Photography

Point with pre-render mesh
For you, this means sympathetic, high resolution, print quality images of your project before it actually exists. It has many applications and can be used in sales presentations or point of sale material ... and because it's a virtual model, there's no problem if you change your mind about the design or want to see it from another angle!

The investment in the initial model creation means this data can be used again and again, for applications as diverse as a QuickTimeVR animation (so you can see a photo-realistic rendering of your pack from any angle) to seeing how your product will look in situ, say on shelf, in-store.

This service can be put to almost any use you can imagine, but some of our existing clients use virtual photography for: structural and design concepts; pre-launch marketing; point of sale material; internet imagery; sales and marketing literature.

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Digital Printing

Now a firmly established technology, digital printing has rapidly made in-roads into the printed packaging market. Short print runs, incorporating variable data and in-line printing removes prohibitive restrictions that existed with traditional printing and allows greater flexibility and broader application without on-costs.
digital print


Starting with quantities of just one, you can order to suit your requirements - test your market place, adjust your design, personalise your text with variable data.


What once took days can now be achieved in hours.


Rich, vivid colours that reflect the qualities of traditional printing methods can now be produced quickly. Produced on a range of materials to support your design innovation.


With minimal set-up charges, you can order just one or several thousands.

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Automated Artwork Generation

Customer controlled database to manage text and text application, so detailed checking of text on artwork is no longer essential, as text transfer to artwork is guaranteed to be correct every time.
Automated artwork workflow diagram

Bringing savings in cost and, most of all, time.

Implement tailored software that manages a secure web-browser interface for authoring and approving text. Approved output is used to create artworks for packaging, leaflets and web sites. Users are automatically prompted to provide their approval in a timely way and the overall status is visible to managers. Text transfer from the database is guaranteed to be totally accurate, every time, bringing savings in cost and most of all in time.

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Design Implementation

"What do we mean by Design Implementation?

This is the crucial link between design and printing - taking the creative design concepts and optimising them for the chosen printing process without compromising the result. Our vast expertise in prepress artwork and 'repro' colour management and print technology ensures that your brand equity is revered, achieving consistency across your packaging and media whenever, wherever and however they are printed or published.
Design implementation
Here, we are aware of the potential, but also the limitation, of every major packaging conversion process and through our thorough understanding of prepress we can optimise the solution and preserve the creativity in the design. We develop a thorough understanding of your brand identity and then concentrate on delivering solutions aimed at maximising fidelity; all keys to successful design implementation. This is achieved by: -

So let your creative agencies excel at designing, but give the technical stuff to the experts!

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Packaging Prototypes

Using our computer aided design facilities, virtual photography studio and prototyping facilities we offer an end-to-end service for visualising creative concepts and prototypes, through to the provision of'real-world' one-off physical samples; printed, produced and assembled.

Packaging prototypes
We can support your quest to develop your concepts 'risk free' by showing you your ideas as a photo-realistic image, delivered as a low or high resolution still image, an interactive animation (so you can view your concept from every angle!) or as a movie (for presentations).

Furthermore, because here at Itarus we can manufacture packaging prototypes in a number of different ways, we can then take forward this idea to the real world! Single or short-run samples of your packaging concepts can be made to standards often indistinguishable from the finished production.

So whether you wish to develop a completely new concept from scratch or just visualise new graphics on existing packaging we can deliver!

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Computer to Plate

Fully stepped and ripped data ready for platemaking, or supplying litho plates using CTP technology.

We don't really want to make your plates! Why? Because we don't believe it is in your best interest to do so. Plates need to be made onsite, near the press, to remove transportation costs and reduce your carbon footprint; and for good practical reasons too, say in case of accidental damage.

What we would like to do is manage your data right up to platemaking stage because it's in your best interest!

We can however, provide a back up facility to make litho plates for you as part of your Business Continuity Plan (BCP).

Data management for your plates makes perfect sense

Fully stepped and ripped data ready for platemaking avoiding the need to invest in expensive front end systems and RiP technology requiring continually upgrading as software changes so frequently. Take fully stepped / imposed and serviced CTP 1 bit .tif files (digital film fully locked) for exposure on all major prepress manufacturer's equipment. All files are fully colour managed to include full Dot Gain Control (DGC), and are available using multiple screening options including stochastic screen sets.

We can also supply bespoke Agfa secure print drive files for litho CTP and EskoArtwork LEN files for direct exposure on all EskoArtwork Flexo plate digital imaging units. Why not look at PlateTracker to reduce make-ready times and control plate/cylinder usage.

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