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Pasara boxshotApproval management - The software manages the approval of any file type; approve briefing documents, technical specifications, profiles, image content, artwork documents and prepress files (including hard copy contract proofs).

Collaborate with partners around the globe to view and approve any digital asset, such as an artwork PDF. The fully configurable software allows users to be assigned to an approval role and then set up the most appropriate sequential and/or parallel approval route. The system will invite approvers to view the asset either in turns or simultaneously. This removes the risk of passing multiple copies (and potentially different versions) of assets around for approval.

The efficiency of the system significantly reduces approval times, avoids hold-ups (due for example to an approver's absence) and records the actions of the approvers to provide a full management overview in the form of fully configurable management reports or an audit trail.

Traditional paper based systems in comparison are slow, untraceable and leave room for error.

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Artwork Online

ArtworkOnline boxshotArtworkOnline will give you a competitive advantage. By using this system you will get there RIGHT, QUICKER and for LESS COST.

Template + Database = Accuracy + Consistency

What does ArtworkOnline do?

A template with the appropriate graphical elements is selected and copy input is made via a database interface. Controls within the database settings are applied to text styles and formats, so product ranges benefit from ease of use. 'Intelligence' held within the template settings ensure accuracy and consistency across different labels, packs in different markets.
The database / template merge delivers accurate artwork every time, eliminating the risk of artwork errors caused by re-keying approved text that possibly leads to product recalls. Range extensions can be ready almost immediately; reduce lead times from weeks to minutes.
Reduces costs to a fraction of traditional production methods

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Textures boxshotContent Management: the population, approval and application of text, logos and graphics across multi-lingual packaging, leaflets, web-sites and other documents.

The Textures(TM) software from Itarus is the most efficient Content Management and XML publishing tool available today, supporting the rapid, accurate creation of copy: the population, approval and application of consistent text, logos and graphics across multi-lingual packaging, leaflets, web-sites and other documents.

Content Management provides:

Structured and hierarchal text management and approval, multi-lingual text translations, controlled and timely approvals process, guaranteed repeatability and accuracy over time, aqccessibility of data that is searchable and reportable, extremely cost effective production of packaging, Change Management on a Global / Regional and Local scale, secure access from anywhere via a browser and the Internet, controlled access to functions based on user role and granted permissions

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OnlineServices boxshotOnlineServices is a single point login with full user management and SSL security. Interface with any other Itarus software, or your own, for a seamless secure sign-in from a single point.

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