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U.K. retailers have enjoyed the benefits of procuring centralised prepress services for many years ... in fact we provided a fully project managed, integrated artwork and repro service to a major U.K. retailer way back in 1991! Today we continue to provide a full suite of packaging prepress services supporting the design to print process in the retail environment.

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Brand Owners:

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Brand management across a global market place brings a raft of specialised issues not least of which is the need for robust language support across your numerous stakeholders. Be confident that we have years of experience supporting multi-lingual packaging and use our own software to control and safely automate content management (Textures). Your Brand Equity is in safe hands as our expertise in Colour Management and Print Quality Management is second to none.

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Pharmaceutical elements
Itarus provides prepress services to meet the specialised requirements of pharmaceutical packaging. You can be safe in the knowledge that this complex, highly regulated environment is fully understood and implemented to the rigorous audited standards that this industry requires.

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You need to be confident that there will be no surprises ...nothing lost in translation between your initial design brief and the printed outcome. Proper Design Implementation is paramount to a fast, safe journey from design to print! Count on our experience to bring you maximum shelf appeal and technical competence bringing out the best in your packaging concepts which can be easily visualised via Kwik3D or our photo-realistic Virtual Photography services. Test your ideas using Market Samples or Packaging Prototypes that are indistinguishable from the production packaging (Ligraproofs(TM)).

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Triangle of investment
Of course price matters! But you know that added value and investment is equally important. Invest in the added value services offered by Itarus and you will derive Process Efficiency, Speed to Market and Delivering Cost Savings. Transparent accounting acknowledges the true costs of saving time and avoiding mistakes!

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Solution Managers:

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If you are involved with coordinating stakeholders that provide content for your business, complex approval routes requiring robust management, want to develop packaging artwork simply and cost-effectively or just want a secure single sign-on, our software license options are available to purchase. If you want a bespoke development allied to prepress then consider us.

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