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Colour Management

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You will already know that strong colour management is essential to any brand’s equity; just look at the brands that are defined by their brand colour! Colour is a primary driver for consumer recognition – consider Cadbury purple, Coke red, Uncle Ben’s orange, and Itarus turquoise!!

Sourcing from a global marketplace can stretch to breaking point the communication of your Brand’s exacting requirements. How many times have you been disappointed when receiving your first batch of packaged goods?

Global FMCG Retailer:

Itarus has conducted a survey of in-store colour consistency of labelling. This has resulted in the adoption of a thorough Colour Management Process by which every supplier knows the colour(s) that are required. Each colour is defined by universal standard colour co-ordinates to eliminate any mismatch. This is backed up by Itarus’s Print Policing service to ensure nominated printers realise their part in the colour communication chain.