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Computer to Plate

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Fully stepped and ripped data ready for platemaking, or supplying litho plates using CTP technology.

 We don’t really want to make your plates! Why? Because we don’t believe it is in your best interest to do so. Plates need to be made onsite, near the press, to remove transportation costs and reduce your carbon footprint; and for good practical reasons too, say in case of accidental damage.

What we would like to do is manage your data right up to platemaking stage because it’s in your best interest!

We can however, provide a back up facility to make litho plates for you as part of your Business Continuity Plan (BCP).

Data management for your plates makes perfect sense

Fully stepped and ripped data ready for platemaking avoiding the need to invest in expensive front end systems and RiP technology requiring continually upgrading as software changes so frequently. Take fully stepped / imposed and serviced CTP 1 bit .tif files (digital film fully locked) for exposure on all major prepress manufacturer’s equipment. All files are fully colour managed to include full Dot Gain Control (DGC), and are available using multiple screening options including stochastic screen sets.

We can also supply bespoke EskoArtwork LEN files for direct exposure on all EskoArtwork Flexo plate digital imaging units. Why not look at PlateTracker to reduce make-ready times and control plate/cylinder usage.