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Contract Proofs

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Reliable standards set within the technical restraints of the printers’ specifications means achieving colour targets on press consistently- time after time.

We believe you should not “keep your fingers crossed” and hope by attending a press pass that you can “put it right”. Prepress is about press prediction! Anticipation of the result by careful measurement of a press profile ensures that the outcome can be communicated to you at the prepress stage by using contract proofs ensuring the correct result can be achieved on press.

A contract proof is a proof to a standard that can be predicted and repeated time after time. We offer a wide range of alternatives that can give you and your suppliers this confidence; choose from a printer specific or ISO / Fogra certified digital proofs made using either Epson, Roland, Hewlett Packard, Xerox or Dainippon Screen technologies – as part of a fully managed process.

Why not let us print police for you as well!