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Market samples & Ligraproofs™

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Ligraproof™ – is the ultimate mock-up. This unique product is a very realistic packaging sample that closely simulates the final printed production pack and print process, matching the colours, material and finish of the production packaging and can be supplied as a constructed marketing sample.

Since 1989 Ligraproof™ pioneered and set unrivalled standards and has been used by leading brand owners all over the world for marketing research, presentations, television and cinema advertising and magazine advertisements.

A wide range of samples includes proofing onto paper, board and tin using conventional and ultra violet cured inks. We also offer proofing onto plastics to create Ligraproofs™; using flexible substrates as diverse as metalised, white and clear OPP, pearlised SND, aluminium foil, polyethylene and shrink-wrap films.

Digital printing is used to provide mock-ups where speed and cost are important factors.