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Whats’ the Point?

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The Point will be your guide.

This is our way of explaining to you how we can provide solutions to problems that you will most likely meet as you endeavour to fulfil the ‘design-to-shelf’ processes, as you deliver your creative ideas from concepts to final printed packaging.

The Point will always be around to demonstrate or explain what Itarus can offer to you as a solution; from packaging visualisation to realisation, prepress origination or print policing services. The Point can even introduce you to our total BrandCARE services and furthermore, uniquely, to innovative, ground-breaking, world-class software.

The point is … to provide packaging professionals like you with a comprehensive, versatile end-to-end solution that delivers added-value, with a vision of empowering you to leverage your packaging supply chain and bring you a competitive advantage in today’s demanding marketplaces.

As part of Itarus’s commitment to …

“Textures enabled text and translation management time savings in the order of 90%”

… Itarus makes a Point!