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Why Choose Us?

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You are provided with a comprehensive, tailored solution in support of your packaging and new product development (NPD) needs. This enables you to:
  • Save time and money by integrating artwork and prepress.
  • Ensure accuracy and consistency by maximising the principles of workflow management.
  • Increase your speed to market by reducing lead times.
This is underpinned by:
  • Tailored processes fully aligned with your nominated partners to reduce lead times in both design development and print production.
  • Your own dedicated team of specialists, selected to meet the specific needs of your project, ensuring a flexible resource and capacity to manage the peaks and troughs of your demand.
  • Continuous investment in developing and integrating innovative new technologies that will improve service delivery.
  • Strategic reviews with you ensure continual improvement of an effective and efficient operation.
  • Project management for controlling both delivery and quality of the printed packaging from your suppliers regardless of their global location.

Why Choose Itarus?

Maximum confidence, minimum risk …

Benefit from 19 years of dedicated packaging experience supplying the highly specialised Brand and Retail Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) environment across all packaging types and print processes.

Nurtured relationships to benefit you …

Working in harmony as part of a team to compliment your chosen stakeholders: –

  • Design; creative empathy not compromise.
  • Print; seamless technical integration not conflict.
  • Manufacturer; inclusion not exclusion.
  • Supplier; transparency and involvement not exclusion (globally procured or not).
  • Regulatory; transparency, awareness not isolation.
Quality control and Print policing …

Our prepress skills and knowledge provide excellent fit to the demand of Brand Owners and Retailers for high-quality packaging, to bring differentiation in this competitive marketplace – no risk, just quality, policed on your behalf, maintaining your high standards.

Workflow integration to drive down costs …

Our experience (since 1997) can bring you benefit from full MIS integration to prepress workflows; stand alone centralised prepress is no longer a future-proof option!

Accuracy and speed to market …

We first introduced this to the world as a “hot topic” for DRUPA 2008; integrating copy content managed in your database with your artwork (using XML). Be assured of our key competency in this “new” area; we have fully automated artwork creation for brand owners since 1997! Take a look at ArtworkOnline to see how far we’ve come!

On-line quality services for added value …

Via a secure single sign-on to OnlineServices you will have access to DataShare (project knowledge), Digital Asset Library (DAL), On-line Approvals, QC Comparison tools, Kwik3D (pack shot creation), ArtworkOnline (automated artwork development), File Transfer, Textures (text management). Innovations that truly add value!

Future proof …

Future developments: – still being a company at the forefront of developing innovative software for prepress rivalling the world’s leading prepress software vendors –
we know where it’s at and where it’s going!